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Lets us help to find out if you can qualify for the OLEV grant and collect everything in one place all it takes is one click.

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Home EV Car Charging Points

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Home EV Car Charging Points

When you need a EV Car charging point for your home, and you want it to fit in with ease and just work.

We have the right charging points for your home. Each of our EV car charging points is available in a variety of configurations, from a socket to corded, single-phase to three-phase.

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Home EV Car Charging Points

When you ask a company to come and install your EV car charging point at home so you can simply and reliably charge your new electric car.

You need a company you can trust,  we are experts in Home Ev car charging points. We can install EV car charging points for any vehicle.

Home EV Car Charging Points

EV Car Charging Points are a driving force in our local area in the EV industry where we are trying to pave the way for the growth and adoption of electric vehicles.

With EV Car battery prices dropping coupled with new and improved long-range electric car models being released every monthly, EVs are becoming widely available to all.

Home EV Car Charging Points

Home EV Car Charging points have been providing expert EV electrical installations to domestic properties in Melksham, Swindon, Witney and surrounding areas with plenty of satisfied customers.

As the future of Electric Vehicles is here, with mainstream brands all having at least one or more electric models on offer, EV Car  Charging Points strive to bring you the latest smart home charging products which will enhance our services that we can deliver to you.

With our enthusiasm, we are fully registered, trained and approved installers of Home EV Car Charging Points.

Home EV Car Charging Points

You can get your Fitted Home EV Car charging points, including full installation, from as little as £455 (inc VAT)*.

With an ever-growing number of EV car charging points already in use in the UK, you can be assured that you are receiving a tried and tested product, already very popular with a large number of EV drivers

Home EV Car Charging Points

The OLEV grant allows you to reduce the cost of your home charger by £350. If you do qualify for the government grant, Witney Cable will help you to claim your grant.

Eligibility Checklist:
You have dedicated off-street parking.
Your plug-in vehicle was purchased after 1st October 2016.
You have not already claimed the grant for your vehicle.
By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OLEV funded charge points per household.

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