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commercial ev car charging points

Commercial ev car charging points

The installation of Commercial EV Car Charging Points will accommodate the growing number and popularity, of the electric vehicle (EV) ownership which is happening throughout the UK.

For most businesses, electric vehicles are an attractive option.

They help to demonstrate businesses environmental credentials to its customers and staff, they are also cheaper to run and allow employees to make potential savings and be a better place to work.


It’s clear that electric cars are becoming the future of personal and public transport.

By providing an EV Car Charging Points and solutions for your customers and staff does not need to be complicated.

Installing a commercial EV Car Charging Points, you are helping your business meet the demands of your customers and staff, why not maximising your business potential and have the right solution.

Give us a call today or send us an email and find out how we can help you.

Commercial Ev Charging points

EV cars are the future, and to make sure we can all benefit from the new technology, you need to be able to provide charging solutions for your customers which doesn’t need to be complicated.

By installing commercial EV car charging points, you are making sure your business can and will meet the demands for your customers, maximising your business potential.


If you can provide the latest in smart EV car charging points and management systems, your customers are more likely to keep coming back to your business and potential grow a new loyal customer base.


Commercial EV Car Charging Points are helping EV Car drivers commit to a greener future of driving and commuting.

Be part of the future of the electric vehicle transportation revolution and install a Commercial EV Car charging Point today.


The government have introduced new climate change targets to reduce pollution in the Uk to help improve air quality.

Within the new plan, our government plans to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from around 2035.

Now is the time to look at Commercial EV Car Charging Points

I had already read up on EV Chargers and quizzed Billy on installation and Cabling. Very Knowledgeable on the EV chargers and Cabling used (EV Ultra). My concern was over Installation and hiding the cable across the front of the house. All cabling was done neatly under the gravel. Overall a great end to end experience. Would Highly recommend to Anyone looking for EV Installation.

Valued Customer March 10, 2022

We purchased our EV car and ordered a podpoint, what a mistake. They were hopeless never got back to me, I complained and got nowhere, posted on a Hypervolt page onFacebook and Billy got in contact, from there it was simple, really easy, notified me of everything as it was happening, when it came to installation it was superb, neat and tidy really friendly too, have recommended to everybody who has asked me.

chris hatwood March 5, 2022

Just a great service from enquiry to installation

VERNON PEARCE March 4, 2022

Excellent service from beginning to end. The installer has done a lovely neat installation, fully explained everything. The whole process for initial enquiry has been 100% professional, gave me confidence in their services. I highly recommend them.

Joanna February 24, 2022

The guys did a great job!! After trying to liaise with many other so called EV Charger experts on a complicated install into an old property EV Car Charging Points just got in with it. It’s a great install, done professionally and with no fuss.

Lowlightbay February 16, 2022

I thought Justin and Billy did an excellent job from start to finish. They were responsive to my emails (something that can be infuriating with other service providers) and provided thorough, unhurried and unpressured advice on the install of my Hypervolt charger. The install itself was done to a high standard and everything put back the way it was. Great service guys and highly recommended.

MR C JONES February 14, 2022
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